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From formation, to operations and through an exit, my focus is on enhancing your goals, preventing and resolving conflicts intelligently, and building value for you. 

Different by Design


I focus on businesses that are looking to grow, and take great pride in applying my legal, business, and technology knowledge to help my clients. More than that, I enjoy finding unique solutions with my clients in order to help them build their enterprises. 



I have been able to work with a variety of companies: From tiny startups to publicly companies, I've negotiated, crafted and enforced agreements for my clients with individuals, other entities, governments, and concerns, using a multitude of strategies and tactics for maximum effect. 



I have worked with innovative companies since I graduated from Albany Law School and The Lally School at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Initially with a very small law firm, and then as in-house counsel for a subsidiary of publicly traded company that was focused on development of energy technology. 

In that role I worked with very sophisticated technologies, business structures, and a host of brilliant people across a wide range of activities. I played a part designing strategies that incorporated legal, financial, business and technological solutions. I was fortunate enough to be tasked with negotiation of a number of very sophisticated agreements, with partners that ranged  from multinational corporations to dedicated subject matter experts to new employees. Each with the goal of crating solutions that built useful relationships, and moved our team forward.   I also managed the creation of an intellectual property strategy and portfolio that grew into more than 100 patents and applications. 

Today, I apply the ideas and lessons learn as an attorney and advisor to my clients. I work with innovators and commercializers and help them form and manage themselves, find funding on fair terms, develop business and intellectual property strategies, manage personnel, and grow and operate their businesses efficiently. 

Many - but not all -  of my clients are involved in new technologies. 

Some are young inventors, and need a voice of experience. I help others balance their risks and exposures without sacrificing their business. Sometimes this is accomplished with documents, other times with tweaks in behavior, but being able to converse fluently in the languages of business, technology and law makes that process move faster, and, allows me to ask the right questions quickly.

Regardless of the type of business, I greatly enjoy working with my clients and helping them reach their goals efficiently. 

There is no better compliment than earning the trust of a client and establishing a relationship that lasts for years. 


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